To all the people who touched Dean Winchester in some way or another.


To all the people who touched Dean Winchester in some way or another.

Dean is ALSO very hot and the prettiest person on earth but I’m mostly just like “MY CHILD” because my brain is weird 

ah yes, I have found someone yelling at me in that “Cas is really hot” post for not including Dean 

I’m not getting the thing where Tumblr tries to put posts by blogs I don’t follow in my feed (WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT) but I am getting a thing where I can’t publish any asks and my inbox only loads like half the time…?



Katherine Ramdeen as “Alex” in 9x19 of Supernatural.

I was really excited to see Katherine in tonight’s episode (I may have even squealed when she came in kicking and screaming into her first scene)! She was amazing, totally hit it out of the park. I really hope Supernatural finds an excuse to bring her back. (feel free to delete this) 

make me choose ── hufflepuff!dean or ravenclaw!dean, @deaniewinchester

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I think a part of Dean would be bummed out or at least put up a big front about being upset when he gets sorted into Hufflepuff, because John did nothing but talk about how Slytherins are evil and Hufflepuffs are weak. But secretly he knows it's true and he's actually sort of relieved that he doesn't have to suppress any of his more Puff-y tendencies anymore.

I agree at first he’d be kinda bummed out poor bab :( but even though he’s stubborn he’d become very protective of his house pretty quickly and he would definitely appreciate their kindness and the loyalty that brought him here, too. 

the SPN fandom survey is interesting to look at. but it proves just about nothing tbh. 

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agree on your house sortings! I sometimes think sam could be able to be sorted somewhere else too (gryffindor or something) because I think he'd maybe (just like harry) ASK the hat not to sort him in slytherin, what do you think about that?

I dunno, in an ideal world where Slytherin was really only about like ambition and the like and wasn’t actually a breeding ground for Death Eaters, I think he’d be pretty happy there. other than that, yeah, he might ask to be in another house. I do kinda like Gryffindor Sam though. I like it more than Gryffindor Dean oops.

(I am going to be a big hypocrite and say do not tell me Dean would ask to be in another house, I am too attached to Hufflepuff Dean. sry.)